Doomtree – ‘False Hopes’ (2007)

Oooowwweeee I don’t know what it is about hip hop collectives that I appreciate so damn much.  Doomtree belongs in the same breath as Living Legends, Sandpeople, The Visionaries etc.  The hip hop talent oozing out of Minnesota is staggering.  I don’t try to understand how that much talent has emerged from such an unexpected place but I do support it, every little dope morsel of it.  Doomtree has a little bit of a harshness to them that is like when you have to look at yourself in the mirror after a night of too much drinking and regrets.  A dose of reality with a tinge of hope weaving between the lines.  The individual stylings of Cecil Otter (stylin on yo ass), Dessa (wordplay for dayyyyyys), P.O.S. (crazzzzy fast flow), Sims (Honesty is his best policy) and Mike Mictlan (badass voice) keep things fresh and diversified.  Beats are supplied by Lazerbeak, MK Larada and Paper Tiger.  For some reason I feel like a lot of these tracks have a movie soundtrack quality because the images they create in your mind are so vivid.  Put this hip hop fam-bam on your radar.

Production: Lazerbeak, MK Larada, Paper Tiger

Label:  Doomtree

Doomtree – ‘Slow Burn’


Doomtree – ‘Veteran’

  1. Slow Burn is one of my favorite tracks off this album Traveling Dunk Tank is a close second. Doomtree spits absolute fire.

    • dopehug said:

      So true…the beat on Slow Burn is absolutely ridic and I love how every member has their own distinct style.

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