Gabriel Teodros – GTs Ethiopium: A Jitter Generation Mixtape (2009)

Dang I’m not a mixtape enthusiest but this is one that caught my attention and kept it.  Producer Oh-No recently released an instrumental album using old-school and rare samples of Ethiopian music.  These beats are ridiculous!  Fellow Ethiopian Gabriel Teodros caught wind of this and felt compelled to create a mixtape using these samples which represent the strong roots to his home country of which he still feels such a strong tie.  This mixtape is kind of cool because its less than 20 minutes long hence the name ‘Jitter Generation’.  But believe me, he sure accomplished a hell of a lot in a 20 minute span.  This release shines light on the realities of Ethiopia, touches on America’s own imperfections & stresses the importance of exploring your own intelligence and spirituality.  I have to say this is the kind of mixtape that could possibly offend you at times.  But it does it in a very compelling and intriguing way forcing you to evaluate your own views and opinions.  If nothing else let this be a way to introduce yourself to Gabriel Teodros, he is very relevant to the hip hop scene right now and I predict will stay that way for some time.

Download/preview: GT’s Ethiopium: A Jitter Generation Mixtape


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